Adcock Bros. Remarketing Services

With a vision to help outside dealers sell their vehicle, Adcock Bros. created Adcock Bros. Remarketing Services, in 1991. Dealers from all over the country trust in the fact that Adcock Bros. Remarketing Services will get their vehicle sold timely and for the right price. Our objective is to sell your vehicle the first time on the block.

The process is simple. If you have vehicles that you would like to sell at auction, a call to one of the Adcock Bros. Remarketing Services representatives is all you need to do. The representatives will provide you with all the necessary information to ensure top dollar for your vehicle and answer any questions you may have. Once the call has been made, we will take it from there. If transportation is needed, Adcock Bros. Remarketing Services works exclusively with Adcock Auto Transport to get your vehicle to our facility. When the vehicle enters our secured lot, it is evaluated for reconditioning services provided by AAA Recon. When the reconditioning process is completed, it will be looked over by a Quality Control Personnel to ensure it is ready for sale.

Adcock Bros. Remarketing Services will represent your car in one of the two exclusive lanes at the Manheim Auto Auction. When your vehicle runs through one of our exclusive lanes; it is represented by one of the largest independent dealers in the world. We have been a trusted and highly respected company in the automotive industry for over 46 years. When you run your vehicle with Adcock Bros.Remarketing Services your vehicle is represented by that same reputation.

To get your vehicle sold in two of the most exclusive lanes in the world, contact an Adcock Bros. Remarketing Services representative today!

To submit your request, please visit this link to fill out your request form. Have questions, call Adam Manz at the number below.

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Remarketing Services
Phone: (717) 664-3600 Ext: 116
Fax: (717)665-5011

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