Adcock Bros. Wholesale Services

Adcock Bros. Wholesale Services has supplied dealers with the finest in quality automobiles since 1972. The family owned company began in the car business by buying cars locally and selling them primarily at the Manheim Auto Auction, the worlds largest auto auction.

Over the years, Adcock Bros. has become a top seller at the auction and one of the largest independent automobile dealers in the world. We continue to buy from well established new and used car dealers. On average, Adcock Bros. features over 600 vehicles each week at the Manheim Auto Auction.

Adcock Bros. has a team of buyers dedicated to supplying our robust inventory. The executive buying team purchases vehicles in all 50 States. The majority of vehicles we acquire are one-owner trades from new car stores.

When you buy from Adcock Bros., you can rest assured that the company stands behind every vehicle; making them one of the most trusted and highly respected sources for the acquisition of vehicles. Dealers are able to buy from their extensive inventory in two exclusive lanes at the Manheim Auto Auction every Friday and every other Thursday for hi-line vehicles. Retail customers have the convenience of buying on-line and through our retail locations.

Please check our inventory daily as it is constantly changing and always accessible to you 24/7 through our website.

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